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Company Profile

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Henan Mina Purification Technology Co., Ltd. was established in August 2017 with a registered capital of 10 million. It was founded by Hangzhou Mina Membrane Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Technology Transfer Center of Zhejiang University. It has the production of water treatment membrane products with independent legal personality. It is mainly engaged in the research and development and production of water treatment separation membranes, the research and development and preparation of water treatment equipment, the design of water treatment solutions, the acceptance and implementation of environmental protection projects, and the undertaking and operation of environmental protection projects such as BOT and PPP. Hangzhou Meiner Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., its holding company, was established in 2010. In the past eight years, the company has cooperated with Zhejiang University Membrane Technology Research Institute to develop into a well-known enterprise in the research and development of domestic functional ultrafiltration membranes and MBR membrane materials. Good corporate governance structure, R&D team building, equipment processing capability, membrane module performance stereotypes, membrane production equipment mechanized automation transformation, automatic control system support, and provincial marketing company construction have achieved good development.

China is one of the fastest growing countries and one of the countries with severe water shortages. The legacy of environmental pollution history is serious. The water treatment purification and reuse technology has become a key link affecting the development of the national economy and the people's living standards. Membrane technology, as the most energy-saving and environmentally-friendly frontier water treatment technology, with its unique physical separation principle, high degree of equipment automation control, no secondary pollution, suitable for industrial wastewater and sewage treatment, municipal water reuse, garbage Power plant permeate treatment, power plant high purity water preparation, medical wastewater treatment, drinking water treatment, seawater desalination, industrial product concentration and purification, and other fields. It is of great positive significance to realize energy-saving emission reduction, purify water environment, reduce pollution, reduce production costs, and build a friendly environment of blue sky and clear water. Especially in space and military fields, it is playing an irreplaceable role and becoming a revolution in the new century. Sex materials are listed as functional water treatment new materials that are preferentially supported by the National Twelfth Five-Year Plan. The market prospects are broad. In recent years, water treatment projects have shown a spurt development. The market demand has great potential.

Henan Mina Purification Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the capital advantage of Hangzhou Mina Film Co., Ltd. and the membrane technology research and development advantage of Zhengzhou Technology Transfer Center of Zhejiang University, and cooperates with Henan Institute of Industry, Research and Research to implement 500,000 m2/year hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane and 500,000 m2/ Industrial production project of PP separation membrane, 100 sets/year MBR water treatment integrated equipment and other products. The implementation of the project has filled the gap in the production of the province's industry in this field.

The first phase of the industrialization project plans to invest 10 million yuan, including 8 million yuan in fixed assets and 2 million yuan in working capital. The investment is all self-raised by the company. At present, the company has completed an investment of 4,000 square meters of factory leases, three production line equipment processing and other investment of 4 million yuan, and the remaining 6 million investment in 2018 has been invested in place. After all the production is put into effect, the sales income of the year will be 40 million yuan, and the profit and tax will be 8 million yuan. In 2018, it plans to transfer the entire production of Hangzhou Mina Membrane Group to the Xiangyang Zhigu High-tech Industrial Cluster Area, which will become the only production base of the entire group company, and realize the production scale of 100 million annual output value of the project. At that time, profits and taxes will be 20 million. The scale of environmental protection projects that drive water treatment can reach 10 billion.

The company has now completed the industrial and commercial tax registration, project record confirmation, EIA expert meeting demonstration (to be approved) and other procedures. The company's management team and technical workers are in place and have the ability to produce products. Under the guiding ideology of innovation development and technology development, our company actively applied for the establishment of fluid separation membrane engineering technology research center, applied for high-tech enterprises, applied for various scientific and technological development fund support, technology transformation to form patent technology, and for the company's technological innovation. Science and technology lead the development to provide a strong guarantee; to solve the technical problems encountered in the development of membrane technology, improve the company's own research and development strength, and enhance the market competition has a huge driving force.

The company plans to use the joint research and development of Zhejiang University in 3 years or so to enable production capacity, R&D and market to achieve industrial scale production in Henan and even in the northwest. The business performance has been steadily improved, and the company will launch the GEM market in a timely manner. Admission to work, at that time, the company will take a healthy, sustainable and high-speed development path based on industry advantages and technological leadership. Contribute to the water treatment and environmental protection cause.

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